The hardest thing to do sometimes is get to the start line. If you’re looking to complete a challenge or take part in an adventure, do it, commit to it and trust in your own ability to complete it

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  • The hardest thing to do sometimes is get to the start line. If you’re looking to complete a challenge or take part in an adventure, do it, commit to it and trust in your own ability to complete it
Nia Evans on a cycling adventure in Wales with her friend Tia

Nia Evans with her friend Tia during the Journey to the core challenge

Name: Nia Evans       

Age: 34

Profession: Digital Content Editor

Kids: None

Motto: Live true to your own life


  1. What crazy adventures have you undertaken?

I’ve completed a few challenges over the years, I’m pretty active and enjoy pushing the limits to see what I can achieve. The most recent challenge was cycling from North to South Wales on a tandem bike. The challenge was called ‘Journey to the Core’ and it was completed with my good friend Tina. The bike itself is an adapted bike as Tina has a neurological condition called Friedreich Ataxia. Tina hand cycled on the front while I was pedalling on the back. It took us 7 days to get to Cardiff from Bangor. As tough as it was physically, I didn’t stop laughing or smiling throughout. It really was an unforgettable trip.

I’ve cycled from North to South twice before, once on a road bike and another mountain biking. I used to work as a youth officer and was fortunate enough to try all kinds of outdoor activities like climbing, gorge walking white water rafting. The mountain biking challenge was incredible, it involved 10 young people and 4 staff members. We saw parts of Wales I never knew existed, which were absolutely stunning. Being able to arrange and execute a trip like that for a group of young people was pretty special as well.


        2. What inspired you to take the challenge on?

In terms of Journey to the Core, the inspiration came from attending different adventure film festivals. Seeing so many people achieving great feats inspired us to want to write our own story and complete our own challenge. We wanted to push our limits and see what we could achieve. There wasn’t much representation of people with disabilities within the films either, so we were also driven by the desire to change that!


       3. What is the hardest thing about taking these challenges on?

Personally it’s deciding what the challenge should be in the first place. Ensuring it’s realistic but also challenging. That’s where individual adventure days, taster sessions or short races are really good. Once I have a challenge in mind, and I’ve committed to it, then it’s absolutely fine.


         4. What next?

My next challenge of sorts will be the Llanelli half marathon in February, I’m also tempted to sign up for a duathlon at some point, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I also want to learn to surf, plus get back on snow. The list is endless!

Tina and I are also looking at the next ‘Journey to the Core’ challenge. It’s definitely going to involve the bike, we’re just not quite sure where yet.


      5. What would you say to anyone thinking about taking on a new adventure/ challenge but not sure where          to start or feels nervous?

Go for it! Adventures / challenges are such great ways to push boundaries and reveal potential.

I heard a quote saying that the hardest thing to do sometimes is get to the start line. That’s so true. So I’d say, if you’re looking to complete a challenge or take part in an adventure, do it, commit to it and trust in your own ability to complete it, doing that and I’m certain you’ll have a great time to the point where the outcome won’t even matter. Winning means starting in the first place!

I truly believe that anything is possible, there’s always means and ways to doing anything. I have never regretted an adventure or challenge, if anything all they’ve done is pushed me to do more!

Nia Evans at Hanner marathon

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