Women’s Mountain Biking: IMPROVE your riding SKILLS

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  • Women’s Mountain Biking: IMPROVE your riding SKILLS

Ladies it is time to get on those bikes and get out to enjoy the outdoors!

This ride is a blue trail ride which is a step up from green trails and is suitable for riders who are confident riding cycle paths, gravel paths and uneven terrain. The ride will include a climb and a descent with some relatively sloping shoots. We will take our time on the climb and tackle the descent together. If you are looking to up your biking game, then this is a great place to start.

The plan is to meet and greet in Afan lodge at 1:30, this will be a chance to fill in some forms and have a chat about the day! We will then start our 2.5 hour ride and finish approx 4.30pm and back to the lodge for coffee and some well deserved cake!

What you must bring:

A well fitting helmet, snack, a drink and cycling gloves if you have any. If you are bringing your own bike, IT HAS TO BE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER or you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RIDE. If you need to hire a bike, contact us and we will help you with this at a local hire.

We will have a British cycling mountain bike leader level 2 and hold a valid ITC outdoor first aid certificate who will help provide us with loads of fun. We are collaborating with Mountains and Memories guided rides for women.

Numbers are limited to 8 people so make sure to book your space fast.


Please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: info@letzshare.co.uk or

Facebook: @Letzshare

Instagram: @Letzshare

Twitter: @Letzsharesport

I am always happy to answer your questions and of course encourage you to challenge your limits and have some fun! Look forward to meeting you

Payment is non-refundable.
Refunds cannot be given if you choose not to participate in any part of the activity on the day.

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