The Letzshare community encourages women to interact, get together and enjoy a number of different sports and group activities.

We aim to offer women the opportunity to experience a variety of sports, whilst challenging oneself, getting fit, overcoming fears, building self confidence and of course having loads of fun and meeting like-minded women.

We run a variety of sports events from beginner to improver to social meet ups ! We have created our own social and networking evenings, #She Talks,  which are all about getting more women together, listening to some amazing  and inspirational stories and create a community of like minded individuals.


Giorgia Rescigno


FAVORITE SPORT: Snowboarding

MOTTO: Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!

Letzshare was born from a lifetime passion for sports and people.

I’m a former snowboard cross international athlete and love everything outdoors and alternative. I have always taken part in a variety of sports,  I’m always up for trying something new and I just love being active and meeting new people.

However, I always found myself being one of very few women participating in these types of sports despite women’s interest in getting involved. I asked myself-  How do we get more women to try these amazing and FUN sports we are surrounded by, yet feel comfortable and not judged by the people around them?

“Stepping out of our comfort zone allows us to achieve incredible things and that’s when the magic happens.”

I decided to start from my passion and organise a women’s Snowboarding Beginner Session, something I was able to be actively involved in and help the nervous ladies attending. That’s how Letzshare started, a bunch of women on snowboards in a Ski and Snowboard centre in Cardiff, a load of girl power but most of all a bucket full of FUN and laughter.

“When women get together, incredible things happen”.  This is so true and we see this at every single event! My aim is to make you feel comfortable trying something new for the first time or returning after a long time, give you the chance to make new friends and experience new activities that may become your next hobby.