“DON’T GIVE UP & ALWAYS REMEMBER THE END GOAL!” Read what Mica Moore, Boblseigh Olympian and Commonwealth Athlete had to tell us

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  • “DON’T GIVE UP & ALWAYS REMEMBER THE END GOAL!” Read what Mica Moore, Boblseigh Olympian and Commonwealth Athlete had to tell us

NAME: Mica Moore

AGE: 25

PROFESSION: Professional Athlete



MOTTO: Only the fearless can be great

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: Competing at the Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang 2018 – finishing 8th


  1. When did you start Athletics?

I was 15 years old, I’d done quite a few sports by this age but was my main skill was running fast, so my parents took me down to Newport harriers to train. I hated it at first as I just wanted to hang out with my friends after school but learnt to love it and make friends through sport!


  1. How did you get involved in Bobsleigh?

After the 2014 Commonwealth games I was struck down with a virus. I put on a bit of weight and struggled to run 100m but I didn’t want to give up on sport, I had a friend in the bobsleigh team who convinced me to come down and have a trial.


  1. How did you manage your time as an athlete/ work/ social life?

This is something I’ve had to learn over the years, I really enjoy training and competing, so on a weekly basis I don’t feel that I’m missing out on social aspects of life because training is social to me as well. The difficulty comes when it’s a friend’s birthday or more recently a lot of friends have been getting engaged and these events may clash with competitions. Often I’ll choose the competition over the event because I understand the investment I put into sport and I want to reach my goal but if it’s feasible I’ll try and meet up with my friends after my competition. I’m extremely lucky I have very understanding friends and family and if I can’t attend an event they don’t take it personally.

As an athlete finding work that fits around my training has been the most difficult. I think employers love the thought of having an athlete work for them because they carry so many working attributes (competitive, goal driven, great time management) but the reality is we also need flexible hours and sometimes a bit more holiday!


  1. Tips for anyone looking to start a new sport/ pursue a dream?

I think my tips would be; Always remember the END GOAL, especially when starting a new sport, you may be overwhelmed by how much there is to learn or feel that your so far from your goal but usually sports run in 4 year cycles so you have to remind yourself that you have so much time to learn.

I would also say DON’T GIVE UP I’ve had a lot of people say this to me and only recently has it really meant something to me. You never know what’s around the corner, your worst training session today could turn into your best training session tomorrow, you could fail a PB lift today but smash your PB out the park next week. I’ve learnt to try and enjoy these challenging sessions and change them into positive sessions the next time. If I’d given up when I was struck with illness after the Commonwealth Games I never would have achieved my dream of going to the Olympic Games.


Photo Cred: Andy J Ryan photography



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