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She talks saved by Sport, happening in Cardiff 14th November at 7pm at Kin and Ilk, in Cardiff. An event run by Letzshare to inspire women. Women sharing stories about how sport saved them

The benefits of sport and physical activity on our mental health are endless: improved mood, decreased chance of depression and anxiety, and a better and more balanced lifestyle. We are so passionate about the benefits that come with sport, we are inviting 3 amazing guests to share their stories of being “Saved by Sport”

Do you love sport and love the benefits that come along with it? Have you struggled, are struggling or know someone who is struggling with their mental health and would love to know about how sport can help and is so important?

Our SheTalks series will address many topics, boundaries and challenges that us women face in the modern day – with this event featuring incredible women who have overcome tough situations and struggles with the help of sport and will will hopefully inspire YOU to find what you love and be empowered by sport. It will be a great chance to network and meet like minded women too!

Meet the speakers

Gemma Price: Boxing Pretty | @boxing_pretty

A mum of 2 girls aged 12 and 15 and the founder of women’s boxing club Boxing Pretty. Gemma started Boxing Pretty on the back of leaving a physically abusive relationship. The first time she put the gloves on at a boxing gym and punched a punch bag she found a release, a way of releasing years of anger and built up frustration.

She wanted women to have a safe place, a place to come to safely take out any anger or frustration they had in a controlled and safe way and a space to talk if needed.

Sarah Wakefield: Guided Rides for Women | @mountainsandmemories

Sarah is 45 years old and mother of 3. She is also an extremely excitable mountain biker!! Sarah founded the social facebook group, MTB Divas, in 2013 where she hoped to find like minded ladies to ride the mountains with. The reason behind the group, was the birth of her 3rd child. She was poorly from day one. Sarah needed a release as she had developed postnatal depression from the stresses of her health. Mountain biking literally saved her!  Life is a constant juggle but having something other than “mum things” to do, keeps her sane. You can’t look after someone else when you don’t look after yourself!

Sarah will share her journey of overcoming post natal depression and the benefits that mountain biking and being outdors had on her.

Francesca Irving: Lunax Digital | @francescairving

Francesca suffers from clinical depression and hypomania. She started feeling “strange” when she was in her late teens and early twenties, but when she went to the doctors they didn’t even ask her anything about her situation and just prescribed her antidepressants. She took them but quickly decided she wanted to do something else to get better. That’s when she rediscovered gymnastics and realised how good she felt during the sessions.

Francesca then became a mum to Luna in her twenties, and was lucky enough not to suffer with any mental health issues. Following other bouts of depression, Fran says that gymnastics has saved her! 

Fran is also the founder of Lunax Digital, a marketing agency based in South Wales.

Tickets are £15 | What to expect:

7 pm- Prosecco on arrival & Networking

7.35pm – Welcome from Letzshare Founder and Introductions

7.45-8.25 – Guest Speakers

8.25- 8.50- Break | Activity | Networking

8.50- 9.10 pm- Guest Speaker

9.10- 9.30pm – Questions & Answers

9.30 – 10.00 – Networking

10pm- Close

The chance to meet like minded women and local businesses, network in a relaxed and fun environment and most importantly have a fab evening!

The ticket is not refundable unless by chance we can fill the space then we may refund any amount we are able to recover.

Numbers are limited so make sure to book your space fast.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: or

Facebook: @Letzshare

Instagram: @Letzshare

Twitter: @Letzsharesport

We are always happy to answer your questions and of course encourage you to challenge your limits and have some fun! Look forward to meeting you

Payment is non-refundable.
Refunds cannot be given if you choose not to participate in any part of the activity on the day.


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