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A group of women at Cardiff ski and snowboard centre for a women's snowboarding session with Letzshare

Are you looking to try something new, get fit or just have some fun?

This is a Women’s Snowboarding Beginner session. The session is suitable for beginners that want to try something new, have some practice and meet other fun ladies! NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED, you are all welcome to come- so why not try something new and a bit different? Also, if you’ve got a snow holiday booked, this would be a great chance to get some initial practice!

It will be 2 hours followed by a chance to mingle. It’s just an opportunity to have fun, get together, challenge yourself and give a new sport a go in Cardiff! Yes, SNOWBOARDING IN CARDIFF.

Arrive at the centre at 1:30 so you have time to check in and get your boots and board ready for the lesson at 2pm-4pm.

The price includes a 2 hour snowboarding lesson with instructors, all equipment provided (snowboard, snowboard boots, helmet and protective pads) and lots of fun! Just make sure you wear something comfy and wear some gloves! (Hopefully waterproofs won’t be needed, but if it’s wet they would be a good idea on the day!

We always have loads of fun during these female only events, a great way to try something new, challenge yourself, have some fun and chill for the day!

Participants must be aged 18+

The ticket is not refundable unless by chance we can fill the space then we may refund any amount we are able to recover. Refunds cannot be given if you choose not to participate in any part of the adventure on the day.

Numbers are limited so make sure to book your space fast.


Please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: info@letzshare.co.uk or

Facebook: @Letzshare

Instagram: @Letzshare

Twitter: @Letzsharesport

I am always happy to answer your questions and of course encourage you to challenge your limits and have some fun! Look forward to meeting you

Payment is non-refundable.

Refunds cannot be given if you choose not to participate in any part of the activity on the day.

Located in Fairwater Park, only ten minutes from Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre was built in 1969 by Cardiff City Council. The original slope measured 90 metres and was the one of the first dry slopes in Great Britain. Find more info here: http://skicardiff.co.uk
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