1.  I don’t feel I am fit enough for the class, can I still come along?

OF COURSE YOU CAN! Most of our sessions are for beginners, so don’t worry you can take it at your own pace. There is no competition, just a great chance to push yourself, try something new and have fun!

2. I don’t have my own equipment (surf board, wetsuit, mountain bike etc). Can I still come along?

Absolutely equipment is provided during our sessions. If by any chance it is not, we will always help provide you with what you need!

3. I want to come, but I would be coming alone.

There is no need to worry, we are a lovely bunch of ladies! Many women come to our events alone and it’s a chance to meet new & like minded women.

4. How do I book & pay?

We do all our bookings through the simple and safe ticketing website Eventbrite. You can find our events by clicking: here.

If you have any other queries, just get in touch!