“My motivation was my youngest daughter” Sarah tells us how it is to start a business whilst being a MUM

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  • “My motivation was my youngest daughter” Sarah tells us how it is to start a business whilst being a MUM

NAME: Sarah Wakefield

AGE: 44yrs

PROFESSION: Mountain bike leader

KIDS: 3 little darlings

FAVORITE SPORT: Mountain biking

MOTTO: Yes you can!


  1. When did you start mountain biking?

I started mountain biking about 4 years ago. My husband rides every Sunday and kept talking about how much fun it was. I had just had my third child and she had a lot of health problems so unfortunately, I fell foul to post natal depression. I decided I needed to get some exercise. I have always been an active outdoor person, so I figured this might help me. So I got my husband to take me mountain biking. Turns out I loved it!..I was then struggling to find other girls who were into mountain biking, so set up a social mountain biking face book group. This group now has nearly 700 members! I was then approached by British Cycling who asked if would be interested in running rides for them. And so it began. I trained as a mountain bike leader (which was a lot harder than I thought) and started leading official rides as well as organising social Sunday afternoon rides with my biking friends.


  1. How has it been starting your own business?

My motivation was my youngest daughter! I decided to start my own business because she was starting school. Unfortunately, her health problems never went away so she has frequent hospital visits and days off school. Working my own hours seemed the only option. The biggest thing for me was confidence, I really didn’t know if I could pull it off! But I love riding my bike and I love leading rides, so I figured I’d get over this in time. My “yes you can” attitude is working and I figure as long as I just be me, and project my passion for the sport, then it’ll be ok. And I’m loving it!


  1. How do you juggle being a mum and an entrepreneur?

My kids come first…simples! I do work weekends but never more than two a month. I think they are benefiting from me working weekends anyway, the mum guilt kicks in, so we tend to do extra exciting things on my free weekends! I also try to set aside an office day a week when they are in school, so again trying not to let it interfere my most important job being a mum!


  1. Any tips for mums out there perhaps wanting to start their own business/ manage their time?

You just have to make the leap! If it’s what you really want, find that confidence and just do it! Oh and make lots of lists and plan for every eventuality lol, kids have a habit of changing everything!!!




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