5 YOGA POSES to warm you up this winter!

NAME: Jessica Jayne

AGE: 33

PROFESSION: Florist/ Yoga Teacher

KIDS: No kids of my own- I borrow friends’ and return when they get too noisy

FAVORITE SPORT: Snowboarding

MOTTO: Look after yourself coz no one else will!

Yoga Instructor qualified since 2013. After searching for the kind that suited me best I fell for Ashtanga. It energies and calms me, its’ repetitive sequence is perfect to fall into a meditative state and make most of the practice. I love the flow of breath and as an and find it grounds and rebalances me.

With winter coming around slowly but surely, here’s a few tips on how you can rapidly warm up, on those hard mornings, days in work or cold evenings.

  • Foreward Folds


Resting your upper body, hinge forward and drop generously as far as your hamstrings will let you, without pushing it too much.

Foreward folds are introspective, calming, soothing and grounding; they warm up the whole body as you hug yourself.

  • Warrior Poses


Not only does this strengthen arms & legs, it also opens chest and hips. This pose energizes and regenerates the entire body. Make sure the knee is directly over the ankle and your back is straightened as to reach the stars.


Relax the shoulders and draw down the shoulder blades back.
Open your chest and breath. You’ll warm up soon enough to forget your shivers.

  • Eagle Pose 

Improving balance & focus, strength & flexibility. This pose will definitely warm you up. Not as difficult as it may seem once you break it down

It stretches your legs and hips, strengthens your core and upper back whilst improving balance and focus. Always focus on your breath, it will help enlighten the inner heat and enhance focus to remain stable in the pose.


  • Seated Spinal Twists

Any spinal twist will exert pressure on the heart, enhancing your heart beat. This will encourage the blood stream to flow faster. Together with your breathing it will warm your body up.


Don’t forget to breath! As the breath itself with warm your system up.

  • Inversions & Arm Balances – e.g. Crow Pose 

As with any inverted pose, crow will relax the heart beat and your breathing should slow down. This will strengthen the core and arms, and just like in all arm balances it will get you heated up in no time.

To be able to get into this pose comfortably and to prevent injuries, it is advisable to flow through a few preparatory poses. These will build strength and flexibility in the spine, shoulders, inner legs and abs.

Preparatory Poses: Stretch yourself into some poses that will facilitate the hip opening and the muscles in between the shoulder blades, warm up your back muscles in cat and cow, hold plank a few times to warm up the abs.

Once you feel ready to try balancing on your forearms in crow and you’re nicely warmed up, go ahead and light your fire.. AND ENJOY!

Sun Salutation: for those who are familiar with this practice, it will be a great way of kick starting you out of bed on a fresh winter morning.

Always a student, however I do love to share all my knowledge with whoever is curios and eager to learn more about discipline.

Omomom. J

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