“You were born a boy..” Just coz I can snowboard better than you. Pfff

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  • “You were born a boy..” Just coz I can snowboard better than you. Pfff

So this week the new This Girl Can advert has come out encouraging women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicity to get involved in physical exercise no matter what, where and how! I’ve been reading some amazing stories of women who lacked self confidence, drive or were afraid to be judged until they just took the leap of faith and tried something new!

Looking back on it I have taken part or at least tried most sports going, you name it I’ve probably tried it. Most sports I did over a longer period of time were then considered as male dominated and they probably were. So I participated in Karate for many years and finished with just one belt missing to Black belt, I snowboarded since the age of 8 and went onto competing in the sport that was my life, I absolutely loved any board sports going- water/ snow or land ( which again were always associated with boys).

I will never forget when I was away on a school skiing trip and one boy told me ” You were born a boy” pff, just coz I can snowboard better than you! And to be honest, I probably could snowboard better than a lot of boys I knew back then (thanks to my amazing teachers ahah and my endless passion for the sport) and I went on to represent GB as a snowboard cross athlete🏂💪🏻.This comment never really made sense to me, perhaps because I had lots of friends which were boys? I don’t exactly know.. ANYWAYS..

It just saddens me to hear that so many other girls of my age back then don’t participate in sport or drop out later on because of similar reasons: Lack of confidence, self-esteem, judgement, the concept of male dominated sports.

What I am trying to do now is allow women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity and interests to give physical activity a go, just because YOU CAN and it actually can be fun! I am organising different activities which are so much fun and ladies may sometimes feel uncomfortable to try them alone, so why not be joined by another load of women who want to try the same thing with perhaps no experience!! Snowboarding, climbing, surfing, yoga, boxing.. whatever it is I am sure you will love it.

If you are thinking that this is the time for you to try something new, meet new people, challenge yourself, take that leap of faith, get fit or just have some fun- then make sure you follow the @Letzshare page on FBand keep updated with any events upcoming.

I hope to see you there, inspired, motivated and ready to experience new things. Think about it, we only live once.. SO who cares!?

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